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MetaPrint Components

Image Processing
In order to achieve the WYSWYP functionality for the application, MetaPrint has extensive image processing capabilities. Custom stamps and overlays can be added the image. Instead of routing the original print file to printer, MetaPrint processes the input image file depending on whether the file is raster or vector.

Vector File Processing
If the input file is a vector file like HPGL, CALCOMP etc. MetaPrint parses the plot file content and renders it on to a bitmap using our proprietary fast rendering graphics engine.

Universal Job Ticket Access
Jobs transferred across PlanWell bear a common foot print. Universal Job Ticket is a common job format used by all the PlanWell products. This eliminates the need for converting one job format to another. For Example, job tickets created in MetaPrint can be accessed by a local or remote PlanWell document management console or vice versa.

Bi-directional Printer Communication
BI-directional communication with any of the large and small format printers is possible with MetaPrint. MetaPrint reads roll, tray, media and other warning and error information from the printer.

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